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Sustainability is a top priority at Van Rooy Pastry. This is why we only use RSPO/SG certified palm fat, shea and cream butter in our product.

Why is non-certified palm fat so bad?

To get right to the point. Most of all palm oil is produced in an unsustainable way. Millions of hectares of rainforest are burned to create oil palm plantations. These rainforests provide 80% of our earth’s biodiversity, but there are a good alternatives!

A solution! RSPO certified palm fat

By using RSPO certified palm fat in our products, we ensure a sustainable future. Sustainable palm oil is responsibly grown, processed, distributed and sold with strict rules that protect animals, the environment and people living and working in oil palm producing countries. It covers:

  • Stopping deforestation
  • Treating communities and workers fairly
  • Protecting wildlife and the environment

Shea, the sustainable alternative

Besides RSPO-certified fat, our products can also be made with shea. The shea tree requires plantations to be established. Besides no deforestation taking place when producing shea, this oil also has other positive properties;

  • Cholesterol free
  • Sugar free
  • Salt free
  • It is an antioxidant
  • 100% plant-based
  • Harvested by people who receive a fair trade wage


In addition to these two sustainable options, Van Rooy also has the artisanal trusted butter.

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