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Sustainable production

Ultra light weight sustainable and ovenable corrugated paper tray

Van Rooy Pastry takes responsibility for a sustainable future. We continue to innovate and have already made great staps in recent years. The trays in our range are 100% recyclable and contain recycled content. We have gone a step further by looking at alternatives to plastic packaging.

Together with our supplier, we have developed a recyclable ovenable paper tray for 4 pastry.
Packaging the pastry in this paper tray creates the following benefits;

  • Looks more artisan
  • Eco look and feel
  • Less fragile than plastic
  • Fluor free!
  • Ovenable up to 220 °C
  • 100% paper and 100% Recycle
  • Co2 emission of cardboard is lower than the one of the plastic
  • Ultra light weight corrugated paper
  • Double sided greaseproof
  • Different ways/looks of presenting your brand on the shelf 

This tray is currently packaged with a recyclable film, creating a completely recyclable concept.
In addition to a paper tray for 4 pastry, paper trays for 12 pastry (hospitality), mini pastry and shells are currently being developed.

read more about our vacatures <– deze link nog aanpassen naar ‘read more about our sustainability policy’ 

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